The concept : “Point concentration of solar energy by curved reflective surface”

Basic components: The Parabolic Dish concentrating solar mechanism is composed of the parabolic reflective surface (mirror), the metal structure, the tracking mechanism, the receiver and the thermal engine.

Operation principle: The mirrors track the sun in two axes in order to concentrate the solar irradiation onto the receiver located at the focal point. The receiver converts the concentrated irradiation to useful heat.

 Basic Characteristics  
Shape of mirrors Parabolic
Type of concentration Point
Sun Concentration Ratio 100 - 1000
Temperature Range 300 - 1000 oC
Heat Transfer fluid Gas, Helium
Storage ability No  

Basic Applications: The produced heat from the Parabolic dish can be used for electricity generation by driving an engine connected to an electrical power generator and for thermochemistry by driving a reactor.   

Technology variations : Lens instead of reflectors, Constant receiver