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The EU-SOLARIS vision is to further assist the Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) and Solar Chemistry technologies' deployment by enhancing the research infrastructures development and Research and Technology Development (R&D) coordination. EU-SOLARIS is expected to be the first of its kind, where industrial needs and private funding will play a significant role.

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The current project addresses the Preparatory Phase of EU-SOLARIS in order to bring EU-SOLARIS at a level of joint maturity. This initiative, included in the 2010 ESFRI Roadmap, currently involves 15 partners - 13 key Scientific Centres, 1 Ministry and the EU Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) Industry Association - which provide an excellent mix representing all actors relevant for supporting the further development of the Solar Thermal Electricity Research. Given that this technology is to a decisive extent industry driven, the inclusion of the STE industry has been considered necessary. With this in mind the involvement of industry within the project is assured through the partner participation of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Industry Association (ESTELA). In addition, the support of the various stakeholders such as national and regional governments, renewable energy agencies, and funding bodies will be represented through an Advisory Board.

The duration of the Preparatory Phase is four years starting from November of 2012. The EU-SOLARIS project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme.

The success of this initiative will be the establishment of a new governance body, aided by sustainable financial models. EU-SOLARIS will be a valuable instrument for maintaining the European CST research and industrial sector in its present position of leadership.

EU-SOLARIS European Conference

On 28th of September 2016, in Brussels, a European Conference was organized in the framework of the EU-SOLARIS project, titled: "EU-SOLARIS: The European Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Thermal and Solar Chemistry Technologies” European Conference.



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EU-SOLARIS Workshop on Financing Resources

Madrid hosted a workshop for the search of sustainable financing sources schemes applicable to the European infrastructure EU-SOLARIS


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Manuel Blanco,
EU-SOLARIS coordinator on behalf of
CTAER - Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies


“Because of its dispatchability and other numerous advantages, Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) technologies are expected to play an increasing pivotal role in the necessary transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies. A transition that must take place at an unprecedented rate and scale if we are to avoid environmental damages to our planet so catastrophic they have the potential to threaten our survival as a species.
The European Distributed Large Scale Research Infrastructure for CST technologies, EU-SOLARIS, is being created to support European researchers and industry in their efforts to develop the next generations of CST technologies. In so doing, EU-SOLARIS will play an essential role in consolidating Europe’s lead on these strategic energy technologies”.

EU-SOLARIS Final Conference &
ESTELA Workshop

Brussels, 28th and 29th September 2016
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  Start date: 01-11-2012 
  End date: 31-10-2016 
  Duration: 48 months    
  Funding: 4,447,919 €  


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